Walk into Meena Khanna’s kitchen on any day & you will enter a domain where knowledge, artistry and a sophisticated palate come together in a spectacular blend. Meena has always loved cooking and feeding people. Those fortunate enough to have eaten at her table are known to cadge repeat invites shamelessly!

Meena was a champion athlete in college, captain of the Delhi Women’s Cricket Team and later, Lady Captain at the Delhi Golf Club. But cooking has been her first love and abiding passion.

Meena has travelled all over India, as the wife of a peripatetic Colonel of the Indian Army. Wherever she has lived, she has explored the local cuisine, experimented with new ingredients, chased recipes, learnt from experts and added delicious new dishes to her repertoire. She has evolved a philosophy of cooking that stresses on simplicity, yet gloriously brings alive the tastes, flavours, textures and aromas that define India.

Till some years ago, she used to conduct regular cooking classes, which were acclaimed for turning nervous novices into confident cooks!


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