A 8-day challenging rough terrain drive to one of the most picturesque and remote regions in northern Nepal called the Mustang valley. Previously an erstwhile kingdom, Mustang borders the Tibetian plateau, and harboured the Old Silk Route that descended into Nepal from the Kashgar region (now in China). With an average elevation of around 13,000feet, the area hosts 2 of the higher peaks in the Greater Himalayas that stand above 8,000m the Dhaulagiri & Annapurna mastiffs.



The Drive starts from Delhi and enters Nepal via Gorakhpur to reach the pretty Pokhara valley. From here starts the off-road section into the Mustang Valley. Mustang is known for its sometimes non-existent and challenging Himalayan roads punctuated by numerous streams and nallah crossings.
A particular section between Pokhara and Lete is known for its notoriety wherein an 80km section is known to take 3-4 hours to traverse. Crossing this gravel and stream laden section, the route reaches Jomson and Muktinath this section is known for some of the most remote and pristine landscapes the Himalayas have to offer. Further, the route attempts to reach Lo Manthang, the original walled capital of the Kingdom of Lo. The section of Muktinath from Lo Manthang is ambitious. Countable number of 4 wheelers have managed to reach up there. The hamlet is located just 50 kms short of the Chinese border and offers some breath-taking views. Post this high, the route traces back to Muktinath and further Pokhara to finally end in Delhi.

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