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White Water Adventure

Rishikesh the place is now famous for spirituality & the white water rafting. There are many companies operating on the river ganges that conduct rafting and kayaking trips clubbed with camping.

Majority of the rafting starts at either Shivpuri (16 km, 9 rapids) or Brahmapuri ( 10-12km, 3-4 rapids) and ends at Rishikesh. It is very safe, you dont need to know how to swim or raft before hand. Go with your enthusiasm, a full breakfast & ready for some physical effort (not too much).

The water of the holy ganges is very cool and refreshing and it offers the right kind of ambience for you to jump into the river for body surfing. The rapids of grade three and above provide unmatchable thrill. It is an activity worth trying by everybody.

All the instructors are quite safety conscious & will give you a brief safety training as well.

Cliff jumping & raft jumping are one of the amazing experiences offered. You experience the best part when you step down from the boat and take a dip in the Ganges.

16 KM rafting is more enjoyable and it takes around 2 hours 30 minutes.

As I read somewhere about the experience on Trip Advisor by Deepankar from Delhi: The very idea of being one with our nature is just so special. The peace that we get during the silent night, sitting besides the mighty river flowing from the cradle of civilization, the rafting thrill, the cliff jump is just unparalleled.

You can also get the video shoot of the entire journey as the raft riders have started keeping portable cameras. They will quote a higher price for the same but please use your negotiation skills, it’s worth to capture such moments.

You can carry your wallet & phone, which go in a common waterproof bag in the raft. Dont carry too much stuff. It is not a big bag – just a sack.







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