Missing the jungles like we are! Well, one of the wildest jungles out there is ready and waiting!

The Tour offers a lot of exploration while you visit the world’s biggest mangrove delta, apart from the wildlife; you see the culture and tradition of these earthy people of Sundarbans. The mangrove have a verity in animals and birds species living in them, like 7 different types of Kingfishers, some big birds like Goliath Heron, Adjutant Stork, and also Peregrine Falcons which is renowned for its speed reaching 320 km/hr (200 mph).

According to National Geographic, the highest measured speed of a Peregrine Falcon is 389 km/hr (242 mph). It also including the Saltwater Crocodiles, which are known to be measure over 17 Feet long and over 450 Kgs. However, the Sightings are a concern since the murky water of Sundarbans still holds 15 footer Crocs on record Shot by many Travelers, it also hold World’s venomous and fearsome King Cobra, Dogface Water Snake, Deer or Cheetal, Wild Boar, Bengal Monitor Lizard, etc. The channel and creeks of Sundarbans also holds 2 particular species of Dolphins:

  • Irrawaddy Dolphin
  • River Dolphin – These species of dolphins are effectively blind for it has no crystalline eye lens, but a master in echolocation which helps it to navigate and hunt.


Sundarbans is also well-known for its Royal Bengal Tiger that makes home in this dense and muddy forest, while the water tides in Sundarbans keep on a constant move from every 6 hours of high-tide and low-tide, the animal residing the bans are evolved with its every hour changing landscape, not to forget Sundarbans honey is a favorite amongst many genetics around the world the Bees come from the Himalayas to make their hive every year, where it is harvested by the locals of delta. Also on a dark night the channel and creeks, the murky water of Sundarbans gives birth to a very amazing and starling phenomenon known as planktons or bioluminescence; it can be viewed best during winters.

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