The Raas Haveli is a 40-room hotel in the old city of Jodhpur. It has large open spaces which provide a majestic view of Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort looming over it. Brothers Nikhilendra and Dhananjay Singh (kinsmen of the erstwhile Maharaja of Jodhpur), along with their English investors, developed the property, having acquired it from a Rajput ‘Thakur’ (chieftain) in 2007. Nikhilendra did not know much about building hotels. He compensated for it by having a good eye for property. “I instinctively knew that it was a great site,” he says of the haveli.

Inexperience had its own rewards. It enabled them to look at the hotel as consumers rather than hoteliers, says Nikhilendra. “I knew I wanted to build something new in a contemporary style with a fresh take on heritage hotels, but I didn’t know how,” he says. So they hired architects who drew up 30 different design options for the property before the brothers decided on what best fit their vision.

It has become an oasis in the old city but its creators are now taking the ‘’Raas Experience’’ outside its walls. Raas Haveli’s blue customised autorickshaw has ferried its guests around Jodhpur’s winding lanes for some years now. They have already begun renovating step wells and other spaces close to the property. “We don’t want it to be an isolated pocket, we want the experience out on the streets,” says Nikhilendra.

This place has a romantic setting and is extremely peaceful, unlike the other rajasthani hotels who have cultural performances every evening and are very lively.

You will not find any board throughout the property, including the entrance, because the owners want their guests to feel as if they are staying at their home and not any hotel or resort.

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