The White Continent
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  • Explore Antarctica – one of the most remote and least visited places on Earth – in the comfort of a small luxurious ship
  • Witness the extreme landscapes that are continuously shaped by the elements
  • See and photograph charismatic wildlife – Albatrosses, Penguins, Seals, Whales, Dolphins and much much more
  • Understand more about the ecology, geology and short history of this continent during your time on the ship
  • Learn and explore wildlife and landscape photography under the mentorship of Darter’s Wildlife Photography Experts
  • Get your photographs reviewed periodically on the tour to understand your photography strengths and what you could improve upon
  • Experience the journey to the White Continent, memories (and photographs) of which you will cherish for a lifetime
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Antarctica is situated around the South Pole. Covered almost completely with snow and ice, it holds over
90% of the world’s ice. The land is filled with huge ice fields and the waters around it are scattered with icebergs. Located far south of all the other continents, this is a place of extremes – the coldest, driest and windiest of all continents. No wonder Antarctica has held the explorer captive in its charm ever since humans first set eyes on it less than 250 years ago!
There is a brief window every year, during the Antarctic summer, where it becomes possible to travel to this wonderland. Temperatures get slightly warmer and the days are long enough that darkness disappears. Many species of penguins are nesting at this time, and the rookeries become the centre of all activity. Drawn to the penguin activity, seals (including the famous Leopard Seal) start making an appearance close to these rookeries. And the rich oceans draw mighty Whales from the north.
Darter Photography presents a photography tour to the White Continent. Travel with us on a small luxurious ship to experience the unique continent and photograph the wonders at the end of the world!


o Day 1: Arrive in Ushuaia and transfer to pre-tour hotel.
o Day 2: Afternoon embarkation onto the ship – your home for the next week.
o Day 3 to Day 4: As the ship cruises through the open seas of the Drake Passage, we spend the days learning more about Antarctica and its unique geology and ecosystems. We’ll also have photography sessions to prepare ourselves for the next few days of photography. Of course, we get interrupted from time to time as Albatrosses and other pelagic birds fly alongside our ship.
o Day 5 to Day 9: The sight of the first icebergs brings about an air of excitement on the ship. We get our first glimpse of the stark and beautiful Antarctic landscape as the South Shetland Islands come into view shortly after. Very soon, it is time for our first landing to explore the landscape. As we admire the most remote landscapes on the planet, penguins surround us very soon. And the cameras can’t stop clicking away! Over the next few days, we make multiple trips out from the ship on Zodiacs to experience the Seventh Continent and the Islands around it. Brilliant blue icebergs, stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife – penguins, sheathbills, skuas, seals and whales – keep us fully occupied.
o Day 10 to Day 11: The journey back takes us back on the Drake Passage, as we spend the days reviewing photographs and learning more about what we’ve witnessed.
o Day 12: The journey of a lifetime comes to an end as we disembark at Ushuaia, with everlasting memories and our memory cards filled to the brim.

Please note that the itinerary above is subject to fair weather and other factors. Darter Photography reserves the right to make changes to the above itinerary at any point of time. Also, please note that photographs in the slideshow are indicative and dependent on various external factors.
Our epic polar journey to Antarctica will be in the comfort of Ocean Diamond. The Ocean Diamond is Quark Expeditions®’ modern, stable super-yacht with super-experienced Expedition Staff and Crew. Carrying a maximum of 189 passengers, this outstanding vessel features numerous adventure options plus on board amenities for you to enjoy such as a well-stocked polar library. All cabins that we have on this tour are on twin-occupancy, great views and with attached bathrooms.

We have reserved Twin Window Cabins and Balcony Suites on this tour.

o Twin Window Cabins are between 183 and 200 sq. ft. (17 and 19 sq. m) in size. These cabins have one double bed or two twin beds, and a picture window. Located on the Upper, Main and Captain’s Decks, these cabins have a private bathroom with shower.
o Balcony Suites are approximately 325 sq. ft. (30 sq. m) in size, including the balcony. This suite has one double bed or two twin beds, and a full-size window with a sliding glass door that leads to a private deck with chairs. Located on the Observation Deck, this suite has a private bathroom with shower.

* Please note that flights to and from Ushuaia are not included in the tour price.


The price includes
o Shipboard accommodation with daily housekeeping
o All breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board throughout your voyage. Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock
o An official Quark Expeditions parka to keep
o A pair of waterproof boots on loan for shore landings
o All shore landings and Zodiac cruising per the daily program, weather permitting
o Emergency Evacuation Insurance for all passengers to a maximum benefit of $100,000 USD per person
o Group transfer in Ushuaia from the airport to the pre-expedition hotel on Day 1
o One night’s pre-expedition hotel accommodation in Ushuaia, with breakfast
o Group transfer from the hotel to the ship on embarkation day
o Group transfer upon disembarkation in Ushuaia from the ship to the local airport
o Photography sessions, field guidance and regular reviews by Darter Photography mentor
o All applicable taxes, including 5% GST
The cost does not include
o Airfare and travel expenses from your location to Ushuaia, Argentina and back
o Visa and vaccination expenses
o Government arrival and departure taxes
o Any meals ashore, unless otherwise specified
o Baggage, cancellation and mandatory medical travel insurance
o Laundry, bar, beverage, telecommunication, Internet and other personal charges
o Voluntary gratuity at the end of the voyage for shipboard staff and crew
o Anything not specified in the Includes list above


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USD 11,295 onwards


This tour is for photographers and travellers who want to explore the White Continent of Antarctica. Note that the participants are not required to be experts in photography or carry professional equipment. Beginners as well as serious photographers benefit through our personalized attention to photography sessions and on field assistance. Non photographers interested in exploring the White Continent of Antarctica are welcome too.

How do we tackle the extreme cold weather?
December is summer in Antarctica. Temperatures are normally around freezing, but the weather here can be quite unpredictable. Darter Photography will advise you on the warm gear and photography equipment that you’ll need to carry on the tour. In addition, you’ll receive a complementary Parka from Quark Expeditions that’ll keep you warm on the tour and serve you as a souvenir from the epic journey.
I am not a keen photographer. But I want to visit Antarctica with your group. Can I still join?
Yes. If you are interested to explore the pristine landscapes of Antarctica and view rare wildlife, you are welcome to join this tour. Please note that we do not offer a separate non-photographer pricing.
Can I bring my non-photographer partner with me?
Yes, you can. Your partner will experience the White Continent of Antarctica and enjoy the journey with the group. Please note that we do not offer a separate non-photographer pricing.
What photography guidance is provided on the tour?
Antarctica offers almost unlimited opportunities for photography – both wildlife and landscape. Your mentor from Darter Photography will work with you before the tour to choose the appropriate photography gear for the tour. During the tour, he will guide you about the techniques and tips to photographing the White Continent. He will also review your photographs periodically to ensure that you make the best of the journey.




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