21 thrilling coracle rides in Karnataka

Coracles have been used in India since eons. They are a crude form of boats; are round in shape, and are made up of reeds, bamboo, plastic sheets & other materials in order to make them sturdy and waterproof. Centuries ago, instead of plastic, people used leather. Today, fishermen ply across rivers, lakes, and in the shallow waters of the seas to catch their daily quota of fish. They are also used to carry tourists and locals from one place to another (and in some cases ferry goats and sheep)! It is mainly useful for short distances across water bodies. A coracle ride can be very thrilling, taking in the surroundings and observing the coracle rider expertly handle the coracle with his oars. If you are in Karnataka or planning on visiting the state, these are the places where you can opt for an exciting coracle ride.

Dubare is located in the district of Coorg. The forest camp in Dubare is famous for its elephants and is located on the banks of the River Cauvery.

The ruins of the Vijaynagara Empire and the UNESCO tag make this place alluring. Coracle rides are available to ferry people from to and from the Tungabhadra River.

This beautiful place has the River Kabini flowing through lush forests. The landscape and the wildlife will take your breath away! It is a part of Nagarhole National Park.

This wildlife sanctuary is located 80-90 kms from Mysore and came into existence in 1955.
Halgur – There are camps where one can stay and enjoy the facilities including coracle rides. In Halgur district there are other interesting places situated near water bodies as well.

This is located in Halgur and is famous for its camps and activities such as angling and bird watching. Located near River Cauvery, coracle rides are famous here.

This too is situated in Halgur district. It is located 6 kms from Bheemeshwari and has camps where one can stay. The Cauvery River is close by.

Situated in north Karnataka, it’s famous for its white water rafting, but do go for coracle rides here along the River Kali and your guide will show you beautiful birds and reptiles such as crocs that will give you the shivers!

Various resorts located in Karwar offer you coracle rides on the River Kali. Why not enjoy a coracle ride in the Arabian Sea as well?

It is located approximately 45 kms from Mysore and is famous for its temples. However, the River Cauvery flows nearby and one can enjoy a coracle ride here during your visit to this town.

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary
Located in Bellary district, while visiting this sanctuary to glimpse all the grizzlies, why not take a coracle ride in the lake nearby?

Hogenakkal Falls
These beautiful waterfalls are a sight to behold, however a coracle ride will ensure that you can enjoy the streams which are scattered across the river and the falls.

It is situated in Sakleshpur and there are resorts here. The River Hemavathi flows nearby and one can enjoy a coracle ride here apart from the various other activities on offer.

Valnur Hyagathur
Located in Coorg, the River Cauvery is situated closeby. It is a quiet place where one is surrounded by greenery.

Honnikeri Reserve Forest
The Blackbuck Resort is situated between this reserve and Vilaspur Lake. It is located near Bidar. A coracle ride is a must while staying in this area.

Shivanasamudra Falls
Situated in Mandya district, these falls are best observed during and after the monsoons. Coracle rides are fun because you can admire the falls from the river without being disturbed by the sea of humanity.

A day trip to Srirangapatna is great option for people. Here one can see the Balamuri Falls, the Sangam of the three rivers, Gosai Ghat and other places as well. Opt for a coracle ride to witness the various sights of this town.

This is located near the River Sharavathi. There are resorts and camps here which provide one with many adventure activities including coracle rides.

Situated near Davangere, and has a beautiful lake situated here along with beautiful forests.

Other areas in Coorg
There are many areas in Coorg apart from the ones mentioned above such as Madikere, and Siddapura where many water bodies can be found. Coracle rides are available here so be sure to ask around the next time you stay in Coorg.

Ibbani Lake
This is located in Sakleshpur as well and has a resort here. Beautiful sceneries await you and one can enjoy coracle rides with friends, family, colleagues (and maybe even foes)!

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